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Every so often, a really unique kosher cookbook appears. Shabbos Under Pressure is a welcome guide to stress-free cooking! Well Done, Sharon!

Jamie Geller – Bestselling Cookbook Author,

Jamie Geller

This is a much-needed cookbook for kosher people who love cooking in their electric pressure cookers and those who need to join the tribe. Sharon’s recipes will take your Shabbos cooking to a whole mew level with easy and creative twists on old favorites.

Paula Shoyer “The Kosher Baker,” author of four kosher cookbooks

Paula Shoyer

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Bella Magazine p.19

Radio Interview with Shawn Fink – Shalom America

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The Shabbos Under Pressure Passover Guide The following recipes can be made for Passover with possible substitutions listed below.  If no substitutions are listed, then please use Kosher for Passover (KLP) versions of the products listed in the recipes. Appetizers Gefilte Fish Loaves Tangy Gefilte Fish Loaves Use KLP cocktail sauce or KLP pasta sauce …

Sharon Matten lives in the awesome city of Chicago and is incredibly excited to write for Chicago Now! Sharon is the author #1 Amazon Best Seller Shabbos Under Pressure, of where she talks about Living Life as a GFE (Gluten Free Eater) and it’s all Kosher too! Sharon has been writing for and about …

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