Here are links to all the cool stuff I mention in Shabbos Under pressure and links to where you can buy them.

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I love the idea of a cheat sheet that you can stick to the side of your pressure cooker. No more going online or flipping through books for basic cooking times. You can find it here on Amazon.

Hoocozi Silicone Steamer Basket Silicone Egg Steamer Rack Pressure Cooker Sling Silicone Steamer Rack Pressure Cooker Egg Rack Multifunctional Silicone Steamer – I had to include the whole title well…read it and you’ll understand. I usually recommend the OXO Egg rack (here on Amazon), but this guy is just too good to pass up. I love that it’s an egg rack with handles! It looks like you can actually take the handles off if you’d like and use it as an individual rack. Great idea! You can find it on Amazon.

I love the Oxo Egg Rack because you can stack them, one on top of the other. You can also use them as a trivet in your Electric Pressure Cooker. Find it on Amazon.

This is the best roasting rack I’ve found. It’s made of silicone so it’s heat resistant, won’t scratch your Pressure Cooker inner pot and is easy to clean. I also like that it keeps your food the right distance from the bottom of the Pressure Cooker inner pot reducing burn notices. Find it on Amazon.

I really like this bakeware sling because you can set your inner pan or food on top of it and then just lift your stuff out by the handles when it’s done. This saves you from the dreaded aluminum foil slings! Find it on Amazon.

House Again Original Sturdy Steamer Basket for 6 or 8 Quart Pressure Cooker, 304 Stainless Steel Steamer Insert with Silicone Covered Handle. I like this one because:

1. The silicone feet won’t scratch the bottom of your pressure cooker pot.

2. The silicone handle theoretically should stay cooler than a handle without the cover.

3. It’s dishwasher safe.

4. It’s stainless steel rather than aluminum for greater durability.

You can find it on Amazon.

This is the lid you would need when using slow cooker mode on your EPC. It doesn’t lock, and has a little steam vent on the lid. It’s perfect for making Cholent and Yapchick. You can find it on Amazon.

This is a great example of the pan I talk about in Shabbos Under Pressure. It’s just wide enough to fit into your 6 quart with a tight fitting lid so that you don’t get liquid into your food. I love that this version has a handle on top that you can use to pull it out. You can find it on Amazon.

Here’s another great set! The 7 Inch Springform Pan Non-stick Leakproof 2 Removable Bottom with Steamer Rack Trivet for Cheesecake Pressure Cooker Accessories Set Fit Instant Pot Accessory 6qt 8qt by¬†Fish&Fairy. I love the idea that this set comes with a bundt insert, is non-stick, and actually comes with a rack with handles to lift the cake out of the EPC pot. You can find it on Amazon

Looking for “everything? I like this set because it has a lot of stuff – including extra lid rings, a silicone handle/base steamer and springform pan. You can find it on Amazon.

Oh those cute little pressure release valves…

From the cover of Shabbos Under Pressure!

Yes…she’s real! “Ruby” is the lovely pressure release diverter that I used on the cover of Shabbos Under Pressure. While it many people thought it was actually a replica of me (I know, that’s what I look like when MY pressure is released), its just an accessory found on Amazon! You can find it on Amazon .

This is Henry. When Henry needs to release pressure, steam comes out of his ears. Henry needs a home. You can find Henry on Amazon.

Sometimes you just need a minion to do the work for you! You can find this cute guy on Amazon .

Do you have any products you’d like to see or recommend? Please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Genuine Instant Pot Silicone Lid, it comes in 3, 5/6, and 8-quart sizes. Super convenient.

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